Fit Issues and Solutions

How a Bra is supposed to fit!

1. Keep it tight 

To assure that your new bra band will always fit right, wear it on the loosest hook and tighten it over time when the band stretches. The band loosens over time and can create a "Rising back" Problem (read more below) therefore make sure to use the loosest hook at the very beginning. 

2. Rising back band

You need a smaller Band size. If your band is not parallel to the floor it can be uncomfortable, therefore go down by band size to fix your problem. Also remember that if you need to go down a band size but your cup size is good, you have to choose its sister size by going up a Cup size at the same time! F.ex. Your 36C bra has a loose band, you can purchase its sister size which is a 34D cup instead to fix your band size. Its simple, if you need to decrease your band size simply go up a cup size at the same time. A 34 A is equivalent to a 32 B, which has a smaller band. 

3. Gore floats away from Chest

You either need a smaller band or a larger cup size. If the part right between the cups is floating away from your chest be sure that your bra does not fit you right. Its either your cups are too small making your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest, or the band is too big, allowing your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest. If you can fit more than 2 fingers between your band and your back, you need a smaller band. If your cup is too small and you see some spillage, you should go up a cup size.

4. Back Bulge

If you feel like your band is too tight on your body causing your skin to overhang your bra, you need to go up a band size. Every body type is different and there is no reason to hit the gym if you just go up a band size. 

5. Straps that dig 

Go down a band size. If your band size is too large and doesn't give any support to your poor bra straps,  than your straps need to do all the heavy lifting, therefore go down a band size and even it up. 

6. Boob Sweat

Take a bra with less padding. An unlined style like our unpadded Bralettes are your solution to annoying boob sweat and at the same time provide the structure you want. Or you can try a lightly lined bra or a T-Shirt bra since they tend to be lightly lined. Try our unlined options. 

7. Slipping Straps

Tighten the straps. That was easy, wasn't it? Keep in mind that your bra straps stretch out over time. Tighten your straps every other month to assure the perfect fit. Another reason could be that your shoulders are narrow if that's the case you could also use the racerback bra style since those straps are placed further in to avoid the straps from slipping off. 

8. Don't like your nipples to show

Try a lightly lined bra if you don't like to wear a push-up style. With a lightly lined bra with no padding, you make sure not to push them up too much but also avoid your nipples to show when wearing a simple T-shirt. If you don't want to pull off the "Rachel Green" look when a cold breeze hits you, simply head to the lined bras to avoid any misfits. 

9. Get fitted

Getting fitted isn't really a one time deal, your body changes, you get pregnant, get your period, go through menopause or lose or gain weight. Therefore your bra size can fluctuate and 80% of women have one breast bigger than the other, so that can affect your bra size. If one breast is significantly bigger or larger we can help you out (Here´s the link to contact us). One way to solve your problem could also be to provide us with your exact bust and underbust measurements and we can tell you which bra size will fit you best.

10. Asymmetrical Breast problem

Women with one boob larger than the other usually don't know how to shop for the perfect bra to fit both. Heres your solution, shop for the larger breast cup size! If the bra has removable padding (like some of our styles), add both paddings if needed into the smaller breast cup to even them out. 

11. Keep an eye on the size chart

Every brand has their own size chart, so when shopping for the perfect bra, make sure to check out their bra size chart in order to get the right fit. Check out our size chart placed in every bralette product under Size and Color. 

12. Breast falling out under the bottom

When putting on your bra, do the raise your arm test. If any breast tissue falls out from under the bottom of your cup than your cup size chosen may be too small for you and/or your bra band may be too big. Your correct size bra should stay put and have no movement when lifting your arms.