Lingerie Care

How to wash and care for your lingerie

There is definitely no point in spending hundreds of dollars on those tinny little pieces if you´re going to end up throwing them in the washing machine "like nobody cares". 

In this article, we would like to share some tips and tricks on how to care for your delicates by washing them the correct way and caring for them the right amount to be able to enjoy your pieces for the longest time possible. 

1. How and when to wash your bra 

Sorry to tell you, but its simple, HAND WASH. We definitely recommend it for most of our lingerie we sell. It´s really easier than you think, combine your similarly-coloured delicates in a sink of warm water, add a delicate wash that's specially formulated for lingerie (there is plenty in the market). Then, soak for a few minutes in the sink and gently work the suds into the fabric, afterwards rinse off, gently squeeze and then lay flat to dry. Typically you should wash your bra after 5-7 wears.

Note: Never ever put your bras in the dryer! the heat actually breaks down the elastic and spandex, making your bras fall apart sooner than they were intended to.

 2. Fine, use the washing machine, BUT...

Before doing so, you will have to take a few rules into consideration! If you really don't have the time to wash your lingerie by hand once a week, you can use your washing machine if you follow these important rules: 

  • Always use a lingerie bag, this way you ensure they don't get snagged or twisted and ruin your delicates, also make sure to hook your bras together (close your bra) to avoid snagging it on other items.
  • Use a gentle cycle, with only warm or cold water, NOT hot water!
  • Use specially formulated lingerie care wash you would use to hand wash
  • Don't put your items in the dryer, always air dry your pieces but avoid hanging them from the straps or the under band since you might risk to overstretch them. The best way is to lay them on a flat surface on a towel. 

3. How to store your lingerie?

 The number one rule to keep your lingerie happy (and yourself) is to be gentle to your delicates and storing them correctly is a major factor. It's best to store your bras standing up in a drawer as if they´re "spooning". This way they hold their shape, never fold them! If you don't have enough bras to help them support each other, boxes and dividers help. As for underwear, store them laying flat in a drawer to give them room to breathe.